Learn to plant

Sass partnered with EnviroHouse Tacoma to create a series of educational videos! See below for a how to plant potatoes, plant onions and prune blueberries. Click here to see EnviroHouse’s full list of educational video.

Planting Potatoes

Planting Onions

Pruning Blueberries




Great news!!  As of March, 2018, we still have room to grow our membership!  So if you’re interested in becoming a half or full shareholder please email me at sharethewealthorganics@gmail.com.   Happy Spring!!



Now is the time to become a shareholder for the 2018 season!  Half and full shares are still available.  Shares are $32.50 per week.  Full shares are weekly pick ups; half shares are every other week pick ups.  The harvest season spans 24 weeks from mid May through the end of October.  The total cost for a full share is $780; a half share is $390.  Shareholders can either pay for the entire season up front or choose the payment plan which allows for six payments with the first payment due prior to the start of the season.





Harvest News

Production numbers for the 2017 season are now totaled…6,310 lbs. or 3.2 tons of organic produce all grown on 1/6th of an acre!  And I am still actively harvesting four of the crops so this number is going to continue to grow.  Here are some of the amazing crop yields for the season: 1,046 lbs. of the heirloom sweet onion, Ailsa Craig, 489 lbs. of the delicious Juliet grape tomato, and just under 575 lbs. of the best winter squash, Sweet Meat Winter Keeper!